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I believe that we are all unique individuals, therefore, I tailor the counselling process to each client. The process will be based on your particular needs and life experiences. 

My approach is trauma-informed, which makes it gentle and safe.

I have a background in many types of therapy including trauma psychotherapy, EFT, somatic (body-oriented) therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT),  and mindfulness approaches.

Rather than just learning how to cope with anxiety, I believe it is important to get at the root of the anxiety.  I am passionate about learning and using cutting edge approaches based on the latest developments in neuroscience.

Recent brain research has shown that our brains create neural pathways (connections between brain cells), as a result of stressful experiences in our lives. This happens very quickly in early childhood, or when traumatic or very upsetting things like bullying happen to us later on in life. 


Even though those experiences may have happened many years ago, the neural pathways that were created in the past can be easily re-activated during specific social situations happening today.  This causes stress chemicals to flood through our bodies, which produces the symptoms of anxiety.

It’s an automatic process that we can’t control with our thinking.  In effect, we become “wired” to worry and feel anxious.

The good news is that we can re-wire our brains to be calmer and to connect more easily with others.

Until recently it was thought that these brain pathways were basically hard-wired in, meaning that they couldn’t be changed.  We know now, based on current brain research, that no matter what our age, our brains can grow new pathways. 


Therapy actually re-wires the brain, changing its physical structure.  It stimulates the brain to develop new healthier brain circuits.  In effect, we can re-wire our brain so that it is calmer, and more emotionally balanced.

My Approach

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